Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30 Things to do in April

1. Organize Dresser
2. Read 1 new book
3. RS at least 1 UB
4. Register for Fall Semester { Appointment April 2nd}
5. Apply for at least 5 jobs
6. Use H20cean on both piercings at least once a week [0/4]
7. Drink water everyday for a week [0/7]
8: Update LJ 7 times [0/7]
9. Update Blogger 6 times [0/6]
10. Play 1 new game from bigfishgames
11. Make a new "movies to watch" list
12. Go at least 2 days with No pop [0/2]
13. Sleep at least 8 hours, 4 times [0/4]
14. Create a new iTunes playlist
15. Bake and send Courtney's Snickerdoodles
16. Write a letter to Dennis Rader
17. Go pick out new glasses
18. Clear out Junk Drawer
19. Try at least 2 new Recipes
20. Restock at least 300k in profit (will keep track in spreadsheet)
21. Clean out Algebra folder
22. Gift someone on Charter a random item worth 200k+
23. (With Dina) Give Zy a meowclops
24. Gamble with a Nerkmid
25. Grab something semi-decent from money tree
26. Gamble with a Treasure Map
27. Go one day without cursing [0/1]
28. Morph Quatranoid (Make board on Help Chat, haha)
29. Make at least 5 new Lists in Journal
30. Organize Planner

Okay, so...

I skipped class today due to weather, it's raining pretty bad, so decided I didn't have to be in Algebra, and I would rather not make mom drive in rain (I don't have Driver's License yet, will explain in another post).

Today is going to be spent on getting everything ready for my lifestyle change. Cleaning up the desk so I can start actually doing my homework. Getting a rough draft meal plan set up for the rest of this week. anything. Anything of the such. Also have to finish my "31 Things to do in April" list, which I will post here when it's finished :).

So wish me luck on getting everything ready :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today, while not bad, did not go as I would have liked. The eating was pretty good, but I had no water aside from tap water (yuck) so have had more diet coke then wanted. I did have some water this morning though, it was actually good. Now have loads of water getting cold, so we'll see if I can drink it more.
8:30am: Ritz peanut butter crackers (about 200 calories)
9:30am: McDonalds side salad, no dressing; Apple Dippers, no caramel
1:00pm: 2 salmon patties

Yeah that's it so far, haven't worked out much at all. Gonna go to sleep soon, working on a new sleep schedule since if I sleep at night I only get about  4 hours. We'll see how it goes (:

Have a good day everyone!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 1 is Approaching

Okay technically Day 1 is here, but I haven't slept yet. Have to be up in 5 hours, but beings I am supposed to get a call soon, guess I won't get much sleep. Thinking of sleeping until the phone rings, at least I know I will get a little bti of sleep.

I ate a poptart because I was starving, but I count that towards yesterday's calories. It was more habit then "Omg I'm starving" but you know what I mean. *will break that habit*

Well, gonna lay down until phone rings *waits patiently*

Nite all (:

Journey to a Better Me

It is time for me to start worrying less about other people, and more about my life and health. The 4 hours of sleep a night, just so I can talk to friends until late, has to stop. The going out to eat at fattening places just to make friends happy, has to stop.

I always make excuses, such as how good food with more calories is, and how I can catch up on sleep on weekends. I'm done with it. So right now, well actually tomorrow as today is already off horrible, and I'm about to go to the hospital, I will lose weight, get more sleep, and worry more about my grades.

We'll see how this goes, so until tomorrow,

-Caitlin :)